What is IT Assets Tracking

What is IT Assets Tracking? – Definition By eActivoApp

What is IT Assets Tracking?

Definition Here: IT Assets Tracking is an advanced way to track tangible/physical IT Assets anytime and anywhere. It is useful for small, medium and large scale businesses. IT Assets tracking could be done through Barcode Asset Tracking, QR Code Asset Tracking, RFID Asset Tracking. The Role of these tracking modules is to broadcast IT assets locations throughout the organization.

IT Assets Tracking is done by a unique identifier number or pattern to track IT Assets properly. Users can view the tracked locations and further details over Smartphone, Laptops, PCs, Tablets, etc.

Benefits of IT Assets Tracking:

  • Live Assets Location Tracking on Maps
  • Last & Current Location Tracking for Assets
  • Tracking Assets Transfer Information
  • Assets On-Time Reporting
  • Help with Data Migration
  • Option to Define Assets Type with Category Selections
  • Allow users to know the assets scrap value
  • Help with MIS Reporting

An IT Assets Tracking Device Tracks Data For:

  • Physical Devices
  • Software
  • Networking Configuration
  • Cloud Server Assets
  • IT Documentations

IT Assets Tracking Could Include the Tracking for:

  • IP address change
  • Physical relocation of the device
  • Device removed from the network.
  • Software installation/uninstallation
  • Software license expiration
  • Assets Repairing Messages
  • Software Updates Required Notifications

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