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What is QR Code Assets Tracking? Definition By eActivoApp

What is QR Code Assets Tracking?

Definition: QR codes are a form of the two-dimensional barcode. They are a modern successor to Barcodes that have steadily gained momentum in recent years. As QR Code equipment tracking software, a lot of our customers regularly ask us whether their business should use QR Codes vs. Barcodes for inventory tracking. There are more than a few reasons why QR Codes are the better bet.

QR Codes have a greater storage capacity and can support multiple data types. This means you’re more well-informed about the items in your inventory and, can, therefore, make better business decisions. Not just this, but QR Codes are much quicker and more reliable to scan with camera-based devices, such as Smartphones and tablets.

The QR Codes was of little use to most people unless they carried a QR barcode scanner with them. But nowadays Smartphone with a QR Code reader is becoming a boom.

The two-dimensional barcode i.e. QR (Quick Response) can be scanned with a Smartphone and get directed to a specific web page, map, or any other resource.

The QR Codes along with the FME Server is of great advantage. The FME Server is really just a way to run a workspace online and stream results back to you.

Scan a QR Code with your Smartphone then the FME Server streaming workspace will run the above URL and return a JPEG file showing the Netherlands and part of Scandinavia. Your phone should open it automatically.

So now, whenever I put out a map, document, poster, etc from which it would be useful to link to this data, I can just add the QR code image. The best example would be a real estate agent adding it to their brochure for a property, and hence customers could thereby access an FME Server-generated map directly from their Smartphone.

You can efficiently track & managing your organizations/business types of equipment/assets with QR Code Assets Tracking system. QR Code Assets Tracking helps you to track the location of your inventory and access to information even when you’re on the go using Smartphone with a QR Code reader. QR Code Assets Tracking pulls up locations, status, and other specs with ease.

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