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What is RFID Assets Tracking? Definition By eActivoApp

What is RFID Assets Tracking?

Definition: RFID asset tracking uniquely identifies any object without line of sight by affixing or embedding an RFID tag. Assets of all shapes and sizes can be tracked with RFID. RFID Assets Tracking can be used in all industries to successfully track valuable assets of all types, such as pallets, tools, and weapons.

Tracked assets enable workflow optimizations, real-time inventory or location services and help reduce human error. RFID tags are of two general categories namely – active and passive.

Longer read distances, but a more limited lifespan are called as Active tags which have a built-in power source. Passive tags are energized when they are in proximity to an RFID reader.

Using electromagnetic fields an RFID asset tracking system transmits data from an RFID tag to a reader. Whether you are talking about office equipment in a multi-story building, wheelchairs and IV pumps in a large hospital, tools, and equipment in a factory or pumping equipment in oil fields an RFID asset tracking system can provide accurate, real-time tracking data for fixed and mobile assets. Simultaneously you can use an external RFID reader to scan items and take mass-actions from your IOS app.

RFID Automates Asset Tracking:

Without having to physically see the tags with a portable RFID reader built into a mobile computer, staff can easily scan one or more asset tags. With traditional barcode labeling, employees would have to point a barcode scanner directly at the tag in order to get an accurate scan.

In some applications require crawling behind racks of servers, under the desks, or climbing ladders to scan hard-to-reach assets.

With RFID, the reader can be several feet away and still get an accurate scan. A single employee can scan several dozen assets in a room in just a few seconds very easily.

RFID tags with larger onboard memory capacity can even store additional information about the asset. Connectivity to a back-end application or database might be challenging in remote areas but the RFID tag makes it easy by storing information about maintenance activities or sensor data that can be read and written to by a field technician using a mobile or computer accurately.

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