What is Fixed Asset Tracking Application
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What is Fixed Asset Tracking Application?

What is Fixed Asset Tracking Application?

Tracking of fixed assets e.g. equipment, items, tools, etc. of your organization from acquisition to retirement in combination with barcode scanners, barcode labels, desktop software and mobile devices is called as a Fixed Asset Tracking system.

It’s a challenging situation for organizations to track the location, quantity, condition, and maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets.

Track your fixed assets for the purposes of financial accounting, theft deterrence and preventive maintenance using the fixed asset tracking application.

At its core, Fixed Asset Tracking Application works by performing three main functions — documenting asset attributes, location identification, and tracking movement. Fixed asset tracking systems accurately manage your shared resources. You can get an accurate picture of your fixed assets by capturing signatures when items move, performing maintenance events, depreciation calculations, and scheduling maintenance events.

Quickly look into your PC and find out where each asset is located and see who the assigned custodian is with an asset tracking software. Furthermore, if an item has been checked out or reserved for a period of time, you can find out when it will be returned, shipped back, or made available again.

Track the full lifecycle of your physical assets and walk through every step of the inventory process, helping eliminate lost or stolen assets and reduce insurance and, if applicable, tax overpayments.

The Fixed Asset Tracking Application has the following features:

  • Over 40% improvements in employee productivity during audit cycles.
  • Over 10 to 20% reduction in over payment of federal, state & property taxes.
  • Proactively identifying retired assets and reduce the insurance premiums by 15%.
  • Get accurate fixed asset financial statements.
  • Meet audit & regulatory requirements.

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