What is Fixed Asset Tracking Software
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What is Fixed Asset Tracking Software?

What is Fixed Asset Tracking Software?

Fixed Asset Management Software designed to track, manage, and control fixed assets of an organization. This software gives you a unified view and control of all your assets, where they are, what their cost is and present value. Fixed Asset Tracking Software allows you to easily track assets, record every change that occurs during an asset’s lifetime.

It encompasses depreciation processing and forecasting, lease accounting, capital expenditure control and asset tracking/physical auditing. This software will help you in eliminating hardwork, core, and cost of maintaining fixed assets.

It will help you in featuring a warranty, ensuring that all assets are properly insured and are under AMC, maintenance contracts, and management of calendar alerts. It will help you in calculating correct asset valuations and accurate depreciation deductions.

Fixed Asset Tracking Software allows you to easily change information for multiple assets simultaneously. Data can be transferred to the tax system and automatically calculate tax amounts. It has the ability to maintain track and record assets data of multi-company, in hierarchies, identifying parent/child relations and dependencies.

Keep track of whereabouts of your entire critical fixed assets – Fixed asset tracking software provides solutions that streamline data collection and analysis.

Organizations and enterprises looking to track and manage their fixed assets make use of fixed asset tracking apps because employees can use their existing mobile devices to gather and export asset data.

Fixed asset tracking software will simplify your logs with the following features :

  • Maintain Asset Database
  • Print Barcode and RFID Asset Tags
  • Scan Assets and Update Location
  • Use Mobile Device to Scan Assets
  • Depreciate Assets

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