Why Is Assets Tracking Important
Asset Tracking

Why Is Assets Tracking Important?

Why Is Assets Tracking Important? Control systems and assets inventory help manage your organizations physical capital.  It allows you to make more informed decisions regarding physical inventory, such as when to repair or replace items. It also helps you track and prevent theft of your assets.

Asset tracking is an important strategic solution for any growing business and when done right, will keep your organization running smoothly. Growth, it’s what we all strive for as business owners. But, one of the things we overlook is what happens to our assets as we grow.

So, Why is Asset Tracking Important? Because of It’s


If you’re a one-man operation, tracking limited assets is a piece of cake. As you grow, adding employees and more physical assets, it’s much easier for things to go missing and have things slip through the cracks. If you’re up to fifty or one hundred assets, it’s daunting to have to change your tracking system to a system that can grow with you. By implementing a remote system from the get-go, scaling your business becomes a non-issue. What do we mean by “remote”? Ditch the ledgers, go digital.

Save Money:

This one should appeal to most organizations. Looking for something that can directly affect your bottom line? This is it. Stop wasting time (and time is money) hunting down that second set of keys your new employee signed out two days ago. Know where things are and what’s being used effectively and you’ll cut down on admin costs alone. Not to mention limiting loss, being aware of the condition of your assets, and replacing items only when they need to be replaced, not misplaced.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency:

Did you know it can take up to 120 seconds (on average) to sign in/out a set of keys in a physical ledger? Can you imagine how much time it would take to track and hunt those same keys down manually? By moving things to the cloud, you’re not only saving money, you’re increasing the efficiency of your business. Use your computer or device and find things at the click of a button. Need something but it’s currently out? You can stop sitting in the office waiting for it to come back in. With the right tracking system, reserve what you need when you need it and be notified when it’s ready.

Employee Accountability:

By ensuring employee accountability, you decrease theft and the misuse of office equipment. No one wants to be responsible for the loss of a laptop, especially one that doesn’t belong to them. Put the onus on your employees to be responsible for office assets and you’re likely to see an improvement in misplaced items.

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