What is RFID Assets Tracking Software
RFID Assets Tracking

What is RFID Assets Tracking Software?

What is RFID Assets Tracking Software

RFID Asset tracking intelligence technology is an effort to combat the staggering amount of assets which disappear due to loss or theft.

Do you know what equipment has to go to Metrology for calibration? Do you know when it was removed from the cleanroom and whether it has gone to Metrology? Was it brought back to the Cleanroom and if so, when?

Equipment Management in Cleanroom – a case study:

Cleanroom management in a biotech company poses several challenges, many of which, if not addressed effectively, can severely impact the company’s bottom line. One of the many challenges is facilitating the strict adherence of the calibration schedule for all test and measurement equipment.

The cleanroom management team has to ensure that the equipment is removed from the Cleanroom and sent to Metrology and the same has to be returned to the right location in the cleanroom from metrology. Cleanroom management has very little visibility into this process. Several times, equipment may leave the Cleanroom, but is not delivered to Metrology in a timely fashion.

The RFID Assets Tracking Software can automatically track the movement of equipment leaving the cleanroom and entering and exiting the metrology Lab. the shortcomings of the manual process can be overcome by automatic tracking software utilizing the RFID technology. In order to realize the full potential of RFID Assets Tracking Software it is very critical to choose optimal RFID tags.

The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries. As an example of RFID applications in medicine, RFID tags can be attached to blood bags or drug boxes. RFID readers can scan the tags wirelessly and find the right bag or box for a specific patient. With searching the tag ID in a pre-defined database, the blood bag or the drug box is easy to be located and identified. The RFID system not only accelerates the speed of locating a blood bag or a drug box but also reduce the probability of matching a wrong blood bag or a drug box with a patient.

For supply chain industry, no matter it is aeronautics industry supply chain such as Boeing, or retail supply chain represented by Raymond’s or Wal-Mart, the RFID plays the similar important role. With RFID tags attached to crates that contain manufacturing equipment or food boxes, the content information about the loaded crates will be automatically obtained by the RFID readers installed at the gate of depot and matched with order information stored in the system in advance. The RFID technology facilitates the process of warehousing and increases the efficiency and accuracy of data recording by warehouse workers.

RFID technology as an emerging inter-organizational information system with the potential to transform the entire supply chain for real-time optimization. However, the operating principle behind RFID technology is not that complex. Any basic RFID system has three main components: (a) a tag, which can be attached to or embedded in the physical product to be identified; (b) a reader and its antennas, which interact with the tag without requiring a line of sight; and (c) the middleware, which involves functions such as system management, RFID data filtering, RFID data aggregation, and interaction with intra- and inter-organizational information systems (e.g. enterprise resource planning, warehouse management systems, logistics enterprise systems and internal and external databases); and such components help to support intra and inter-organizational business regulations.

RFID tracking technology can also be implied to track personnel in an organization or businesses or by legal or legislative or CBI organizations.

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