What is Barcode Assets Tracking
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What is Barcode Assets Tracking? – Definition By eActivoApp

What is Barcode Assets Tracking? Definition: With Barcode Assets tracking every asset is always tracked as a unique item. Even though you may have 10 of the same PC or tool you are managing each instance as an individual item with its own unique barcode label or RFID tag. The objective is to have accurate information about location, condition, purchase […]

What is Fixed Assets Tracking
Asset Tracking Definitions Fixed Assets Traching

What is Fixed Assets Tracking? – Definition By eActivoApp

What is Fixed Assets Tracking? Definition: Fixed asset management is the process of managing every aspect of a company’s assets, from the moment an asset is acquired to its eventual disposal. A rectangle can be a square but a square is not a rectangle. The same is true with Fixed Assets Tracking and Fixed Asset […]

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Why Business Asset Tracking is Important?

Knowledge is power. In a business, every bit of knowledge you collect is important. By setting up asset management software, you have the knowledge of what the company owns or leases and, crucially, where those assets are. Business Asset Tracking is important because it will help you minimize equipment losses and expensive replacement costs and reduce […]

Asset Tracking

Benefits of Asset Tracking Application or Software

Asset tracking software helps in tracking movement of assets within an organization whether it is physical assets, IT equipment, devices or software or even manpower (humans). Asset tracking software/app enables physical monitoring of your assets to give a quantitative record such that organizations can schedule maintenance or preventive maintenance. Asset Tracking Application or Software plays […]

Asset Tracking

Why Personal Asset Tracking is Important?

These days many people have valuable personal assets, which are very important and precious to them. You can secure and track your personal devices by using Personal Asset Tracking devices/software and Apps. GPS technology can be best used to track your personal assets. Personal assets locations are determined using sophisticated satellite technology. Also, GPS technology […]

What is Asset Tracking-Defined By eActivoApp
Asset Tracking

What is Asset Tracking? Defined By eActivoApp

What is Asset Tracking? What is Asset Tracking? Asset tracking is tracking your organizations’ assets usage and provides valuable information about your company’s assets like – who is using it, where and when, maintenance and calibration schedules, and need for new equipment. Now a day’s Asset tracking is becoming a mature industry with many well-established […]